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Welcome to Flourishing Professional! If you are a new professional, or a recent graduate from college, graduate or professional school, and you are not sure what comes next, you have come to the right place. Flourishing Professional offers tools to guide you north and help you flourish. While we did not perfect the art of flourishing, we will share what we have learned. We are still figuring it all out too. Check out our blog, share our posts with others (with links, of course), and share your flourishing professional journey with us too. Feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

How We Can Help

A big myth of grad school or the professional world is that every person is out for themselves. Not true. Flourishing Professional is here to help.  We accomplish this by offering:

  • Posts about topics relevant to grad school and the professional world
  • Advice from leaders in the field
  • A community of like-minded young professionals who want to help each other succeed
  • Packages designed to support and empower you to reach your graduate and professional goals

We look forward to sharing our advice and experiences to help you become a confident and successful professional graduate.

Meet Our Team!

Holly Saks, EdD
Photo of Flourishing Professional co-creator Melissa Skolnick a red -haired woman in a green and blue dress
Melissa O'Brien, MA

Spread the word about Flourishing Professional